The new Community Series celebrates the talented creators of the GTA Online community with a curated playlist of superbly constructed Jobs. Now available to launch from Legion Square, the first iteration of the Series features seven high-octane Races from skilled players such as ShelbyGR, EnigmaT1m, and more.

Expect to see new Jobs periodically cycled in and out of the Series in the coming months as we highlight more of our favorite player-made creations. If you’ve created something special you believe to be worthy of the Community Series spotlight, tag it with #CommunitySeries on Social Club and Twitter — with a link to the Job so we can check it out.

The Community Series launches with 2X GTA$ and RP all week long plus a lump sum bonus of GTA$200,000 just for participating in any three Community Series Jobs. Power slide into the corona at Legion Square, launch via your map, or fire up any of these Races from the Quick Join menu to get involved:

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