Junk Energy knows that caffeine and adrenaline are the lifeblood of the Southern San Andreas lifestyle, and their latest marketing push offers prizes to those daring enough to enter the high-risk, high-reward world of extreme sports.

Junk Energy Skydives are a new activity for those unafraid of heights and risking life and limb: look for Parachute Bags on rooftops and at Junk Energy-branded cabins/kiosks around Los Santos and Blaine County to start a Skydive challenge. Once activated, you’ll need to take a leap, parachute through checkpoints and aim for the drop zone. If you’re still conscious when you land, you’ll receive some GTA$ courtesy of the company and a branded Junk Energy Chute Bag, to boot.

Ten Junk Energy Skydives will be available to take on each day — completing all ten will award an additional GTA$ bonus. Completing all ten to a Gold Medal standard will award an extra prize purse as well — paying out GTA$150K total along with the Junk energy Chute for your efforts.

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